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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm REALLY mad at my boyfriend- or ex. We have been going out for about a month now and he was the one who wanted the relationship more than me. I wasn't sure if i wanted to because i was really busy doing things for my EMT class (that's where we met). Being together at EMT was where we would hang out and see each other mostly. (we did see each other outside of class though) and I just failed out of the class. and i just got a call from him say we shouldn't go out because I'm not in the class!!!! Am I wrong to be mad???


  1. first i thought that the girl in that pic was you, :)

  2. People say i look a lot like her

  3. You should be mad. Your boyfriend is soo wrong. You should break up with him. Its just stupid that he thinks that because you're out of the class means he should break up with you. Hope my advice helps.