When did you consider the Beatles to have started?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm AN EMT!!!!!!

So, since August I've taken the New Jersey EMT class. IN december i took the state test to se if i'm qualified to be an EMT, and yesterday i found out i passed!
So my friend from the class, Phill, called me and asked me if i checked the NJOEMS site. i said no. seeing as the internet at my house does not work, i dashed over to my friends house and looked up my score. i got a 93!!!!! I'm an EMT! I'm so excited!!!!! yay!

Friday, June 10, 2011

OMB!!!! (Oh, my Beatles [Sarah's Thing]) I'm going to see a Beatle!!!!

I live in Jersey and I'm only 30 minuets from the city. They announced on the radio this morning that Paul McCartney is going to be at Yankee Stadium :D!!!!!
Presale is tomorrow and I might get tickets (maybe not good ones but it's still Paul freakin' McCartney!)
This is double awesome because it's at Yankee Stadium and i happen to be a HUGE yankees fan :D The concert isn't till July but I'm still uber excited!!!! And apparently he's going to be playing not only Paul music but Beatles music :D and who knows, Ringo might be there because on his website he has no concerts on july 15...
I'm obviously not going alone because it's the Bronx... I need someone to go with me! (My mom will not go seeing as she is an elvis fan...) Ironic how a Beatles fan and an elvis fan live in the same house. I am freaking out!!!!! I'm probably getting a nose bleed section ticket ($34) but they have the big screens.
My history teacher is a massive Beatles fan as well, and in '64 when the Beatles were in NYC she (and i don't know how she did it without dying) she got back stage and met Paul and took a picture with him! maybe i can do that... i wish though!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plethora of my art work

This is a painting of the Help! cover. It's not my best but it's OK.

This is a colored pencil drawing of the 'I Am The Walrus' scene in Magical Mystery Tour. Since I am terrible at drawing the Beatles normally i made them in cartoon.

This is pencil drawing I did copied from a picture in the book 'Paul is Undead' (I don't recommend you read it) it's a supposed to be the butcher album (in the book the Beatles are zombies and Ringo is a ninja. it's really weird. don't waste your time)

Colored pencil drawing of Sgt. Pepper cover. I didn't do the whole thing because it is REALLY hard. but i think i did an OK job on them alone

This is my favorite painting I've ever done! I call it 'Pepper Land' It's Lucy in the Sky, I am the Walrus, Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields, and Nowhere man put into one picture. There are also some other Beatles references. The sun is 'the girl with the sun in her eyes'. the lighthouse is 'kaleidoscope eyes' The yellow submarine as 'a boat on a river' (also could be the sea of green). Cellophane flowers, a newspaper taxi, tangerine trees, flowers, a fountain, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Strawberry Fields, Jeremy (Nowhere Man), I have Ringo and John in Yellow sub outfits and the cartoon George and Paul. The walrus, hippo, bird, and rabbit mask from 'I am the Walrus' all of them in Sgt.. peppers suit. 2 street signs (Abbey Road and Penny Lane) The egg man holding Maxwell's silver hammer. and you can't see it here but i crushed up glass and put it in the fountain water to make it shine. i also crushed glass beads and put them in the sky was 'diamonds'.

Yellow Submarine Cover kinda. It has the Beatles, the submarine, old fred, the glove, Jeremy, the blue meanie and an apple bonker (got cut off)

New Painting I did... I'll put up my other ones too

Ok so this is a picture of a painting i did. I took the lyric "Images of broken light dance before me like a million eyes" from Across The Universe (That's what it says at the top). I put a flash light, a candle, the sun, and a light bulb in picture frames and made the glass on the frame cracked and the actual source of light cracked as well (except the light bulb because i thought it looked really good and i didn't wanna mess it up :P)and then there are a bunch of eyes in different colors and angles for the 'dancing'.
Is it any good? Comment please!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Well I first sent her an e-mail via the e-mail address on her website. I had to do a project for English as a final instead of a test. One of the prompts we were given was to choose a book and research it, and why it should be on the reading list (seeing as Wonderful Tonight is my favourite book i picked it). One of the resources was to have an interview with an 'expert' on the book. Since Pattie is a role model of mine, i always wanted to contact her, but i never had a good reason. Now that i needed an interview with an 'expert' I said 'I'll take a long shot and interview the author'. I sent her an e-mail and she didn't reply. So, i changed my topic seeing as i didn't get an interview and there really was no one else to interview. But, a few days ago i looked at my inbox and it said i had an e-mail from her! :D I was SOOOOO excited! It was too  late for the interview for the project but when else am i going to have the chance to interview Pattie Boyd?
I first said (well after asking her for an interview) that she was my role model and i greatly appreciate it. This is the interview:

(Pattie)I'm flattered that you call me your 'role model' I honestly appreciate
it. Also, tell you friend i say 'hello' also. (My friend asked me to say hello for her)
Q: How did you feel before you published your book? Did you feel as if
it wasn't going to get good reviews.
A: For a briefe time i was a little nervous about the reviews but I
became more self confident when I remembered that my friends were the
ones who encouraged me to write it, and then when I sent it I was sure
of my self that I was going to have good reviews.
Q: When you saw that your book got excellent reviews and became a best
seller how did you feel?
A: I was over joyed when I read the reviews. I was shocked that it
became a best seller, I had confidence that it was going to be
successful but I didn't expect it to be a best seller.
Q: It says in the introduction of your book that your friends told you
for a long time to write a book, and for a while you declined to write
one, what made you change your mind?
A: Well, people started telling me to write the book in the 1980s, and I
felt that the book would be lacking and there would not be much to it.
But in 2006 someone brought it up again, and I felt that I had more to
add to the book, and I started writing and I felt much more better about
it and it was more detailed as if I were to write it in the 1980s.
Q: In your book, it says that most of your life you were very shy, and
quiet. By the end of the book you say that you feel more confident. Is
there any particular reason for this?
A: Well one main event that really changed it is when I went on a
mountain climb in Peru and when we were near the top, I felt like I made
a huge accomplishment and I felt that if I climbed a mountain I could do
almost anything and that I had no real reason to be shy or quiet.

(Me)Thank you for answering my questions. I greatly appreciate it.

I hope this helps you with you school project and I hope you do well.
-Pattie Boyd

Now i know people would ask her about George and Eric but i decided not to because since a title of a chapter in wonderful tonight is "The tears begin" i thought it would be a little bit of a touchy subject for her.

* I give credit to Sarah for OMB! You'll see that I will now use it a lot :)

Well that's my bit of excitement for the week. From the girl with severe OBD (Obsessive Beatles Disorder) (Another phrase i will use frequently as well) Adrizz! <3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Best Friend I Have...

So my supposed 'best friend' Ashley is being so mean lately! Its making me so upset. When its just us like outside of school or something we're really close and act like best friends but everywhere else it's like i don't exist. Today i got a ride to school with her. She didn't talk to me in the car and when we got to school i asked her if she wanted to go to the library with me but she didn't even say anything to me and went in the opposite direction! Then later on, we have math together (we have 5 people in the class including me and her) and she talked to everyone in the class except me. Then 2 periods later we have another class together. I walked in and she was already there. the second i sit down she asks to borrow my computer charger and i said i need it, and then she ignored me the rest of the period. but she wasn't quiet, she talked to everyone else in class! Then after that class is the end of the day. I have to wait with a teacher for my bus (long story) and i have to sit inside. I saw her and i called her over, all she did was wave hi and walked outside and went with some other people!

I have what my other friends call 'George Harrison Complex' George Harrison of The Beatles was called 'The quiet one' and i tend to be that way. I like to keep to myself and i don't like being in big crowds or being in the spot light. I'd rather stay home than go to a party with a load of people. I have some friends who are like that also so we get along well. Ashley tends to be loud and out going and loves attention (especially from guys so she's kinda a whore) When we were in middle school me, her and 2 other girls were best friends. We drifted away from the 2 other girls and it became just us in the middle of this year (I'm a sophomore) Now that she has her new friends and since they're more 'popular' than my friends it's like she's embarrassed to be seen with me.
It really hurts that my 'best friend' basically doesn't like me anymore.