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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Best Friend I Have...

So my supposed 'best friend' Ashley is being so mean lately! Its making me so upset. When its just us like outside of school or something we're really close and act like best friends but everywhere else it's like i don't exist. Today i got a ride to school with her. She didn't talk to me in the car and when we got to school i asked her if she wanted to go to the library with me but she didn't even say anything to me and went in the opposite direction! Then later on, we have math together (we have 5 people in the class including me and her) and she talked to everyone in the class except me. Then 2 periods later we have another class together. I walked in and she was already there. the second i sit down she asks to borrow my computer charger and i said i need it, and then she ignored me the rest of the period. but she wasn't quiet, she talked to everyone else in class! Then after that class is the end of the day. I have to wait with a teacher for my bus (long story) and i have to sit inside. I saw her and i called her over, all she did was wave hi and walked outside and went with some other people!

I have what my other friends call 'George Harrison Complex' George Harrison of The Beatles was called 'The quiet one' and i tend to be that way. I like to keep to myself and i don't like being in big crowds or being in the spot light. I'd rather stay home than go to a party with a load of people. I have some friends who are like that also so we get along well. Ashley tends to be loud and out going and loves attention (especially from guys so she's kinda a whore) When we were in middle school me, her and 2 other girls were best friends. We drifted away from the 2 other girls and it became just us in the middle of this year (I'm a sophomore) Now that she has her new friends and since they're more 'popular' than my friends it's like she's embarrassed to be seen with me.
It really hurts that my 'best friend' basically doesn't like me anymore.

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