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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Plethora of my art work

This is a painting of the Help! cover. It's not my best but it's OK.

This is a colored pencil drawing of the 'I Am The Walrus' scene in Magical Mystery Tour. Since I am terrible at drawing the Beatles normally i made them in cartoon.

This is pencil drawing I did copied from a picture in the book 'Paul is Undead' (I don't recommend you read it) it's a supposed to be the butcher album (in the book the Beatles are zombies and Ringo is a ninja. it's really weird. don't waste your time)

Colored pencil drawing of Sgt. Pepper cover. I didn't do the whole thing because it is REALLY hard. but i think i did an OK job on them alone

This is my favorite painting I've ever done! I call it 'Pepper Land' It's Lucy in the Sky, I am the Walrus, Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields, and Nowhere man put into one picture. There are also some other Beatles references. The sun is 'the girl with the sun in her eyes'. the lighthouse is 'kaleidoscope eyes' The yellow submarine as 'a boat on a river' (also could be the sea of green). Cellophane flowers, a newspaper taxi, tangerine trees, flowers, a fountain, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Strawberry Fields, Jeremy (Nowhere Man), I have Ringo and John in Yellow sub outfits and the cartoon George and Paul. The walrus, hippo, bird, and rabbit mask from 'I am the Walrus' all of them in Sgt.. peppers suit. 2 street signs (Abbey Road and Penny Lane) The egg man holding Maxwell's silver hammer. and you can't see it here but i crushed up glass and put it in the fountain water to make it shine. i also crushed glass beads and put them in the sky was 'diamonds'.

Yellow Submarine Cover kinda. It has the Beatles, the submarine, old fred, the glove, Jeremy, the blue meanie and an apple bonker (got cut off)

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