When did you consider the Beatles to have started?

Friday, June 10, 2011

OMB!!!! (Oh, my Beatles [Sarah's Thing]) I'm going to see a Beatle!!!!

I live in Jersey and I'm only 30 minuets from the city. They announced on the radio this morning that Paul McCartney is going to be at Yankee Stadium :D!!!!!
Presale is tomorrow and I might get tickets (maybe not good ones but it's still Paul freakin' McCartney!)
This is double awesome because it's at Yankee Stadium and i happen to be a HUGE yankees fan :D The concert isn't till July but I'm still uber excited!!!! And apparently he's going to be playing not only Paul music but Beatles music :D and who knows, Ringo might be there because on his website he has no concerts on july 15...
I'm obviously not going alone because it's the Bronx... I need someone to go with me! (My mom will not go seeing as she is an elvis fan...) Ironic how a Beatles fan and an elvis fan live in the same house. I am freaking out!!!!! I'm probably getting a nose bleed section ticket ($34) but they have the big screens.
My history teacher is a massive Beatles fan as well, and in '64 when the Beatles were in NYC she (and i don't know how she did it without dying) she got back stage and met Paul and took a picture with him! maybe i can do that... i wish though!

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