When did you consider the Beatles to have started?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Beatles Pics

"Good heavens! What's a 'doggy-style'?"
Paul: Sorry luv, but I have never heard of that woman in my life...I don't know you, leave me alone! Don't make me come down there, Francie!
George: Is this hair color working for me?
John: Does this shirt make me look fat?
"Were you looking at my bum, were you?! Cheeky monkey!"
This only appears to be a soda can, doesn't it? If only you knew what we REALLY kept in here
"Oink oink."
"Man, I gotta stop selling out."

"If a tree falls down in the woods and no one's there to hear it..."

Welcome to George's Shagging Lair. Millions served.
"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my KNICKERS!"
"Were you looking at my, ass? Were you?! Ass-looker!"
Say 'hello' lads

"You should have seen me, I was THIS high."

Beatles by day. Playboy-Pimp-Daddies by night.
Hands above the sheets, McCartney!
"So Linda, no one else is going to see these pictures, right?"
Hands above the water, Lennon!
"And THAT, my friends, is where babies come from."

"Hmmm, why IS prostitution illegal? Selling's legal, screwings legal. Why isn't selling screwing legal?!"

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