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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Crap Guys Are So Annoying!

Ok first, let me make this 100% clear. I have NO interest in this boy romantically what so ever! Got it? Get it? Good.
So yesterday when my best friend and i came home we saw two of our guy friends at my house. (I live in the middle of town so it's not like they're stalking me). So we decide to hang out with them. One of them (Harrison) dated my best friend (Ashley). The other guy (Ryan) is trying to get Ashley with him, but she has a boyfriend (Spencer). SO Harrison, Ashley, Ryan, and I are hanging out at Taco Bell, then we decide to go out and have a smoke (Don't Judge!). There is a big empty lot next to taco bell so we went there to have a smoke. Harrison is like "your my best friend Adriana" (my name) and gave me a hug. Since We're FRIENDS i didn't think much of it. So then we're all laying down in the lot and we're close to each other (all of us) and Harrison keeps telling me I'm cute, and pretty and so on. I still wasn't catching on. Ryan decided to leave and go back to Taco Bell with some other friends. So my mom called me and asked me to get her a bottle of soda from 7-11. so when we go walking Harrison keeps holding my hand. THAT'S when i got it. i let him hold my hand because i felt bad for him because he isn't exactly a ladies man. (Ashley went out with him because she felt bad for him). So i let him do it. He put his arm around me and hugged me a lot. Then I had to go home and he said Text me cutie. He texted me saying 'You're really cute. we should hang out tomorrow ;)' and i told him 'uh well i have to go see my grandma tomorrow because she's sick and i won't see her on Easter' (which wasn't a lie!) and he said 'Ok i'll see you monday ;)' and after that i didn't text back.
So my main problem is what do i do to let him down? He dated my best friend and my ex best friend so it's a little awkward and plus i like someone and i want to be available to him. F*** what do i do????


  1. I think you should tell him that u only like him as a friend. Being together would just be weird. Friendship is better than a relationship in this case.

  2. No Problem. :)Usually I'm the one getting it.