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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

John Lennon has risen!!!!!!!

For an Italian project we basically have to make a fantasy soccer team. I looked up the Liverpool soccer team and one of their players strikingly resembles John Lennon! I think you will understand after looking at this picture...
I think he's even more of a convincing look alike than the Paul clone! (I don't believe in that though)
Sorry the picture cuts off when i post it! well this guy's original squad number was 9 (John's favourite number). This guy is 1.74m tall. John was 1.8m tall. This guy weighs 64kg. John weighed 66kg. This guy was born Oct 6. 3 days off from John's birthday (Oct 9). This guy was also born 8 years after John's death in 1980. This guy is from Liverpool. So was John.
Therefore, I believe that John Lennon has risen from the dead and is living as a soccer player.

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