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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just noticed Something about the Beatles

OK so i noticed something about the beatles. Well the women the dated/married for that matter.

John: he likes brunettes
Cynthia- originally a brunette but dyed it because she heard he like Bridgette Bardot (a blond)
May Pang- Brunette
Yoko Ono- Brunette
Thelma Pickles- Brunette
Barbra Barker- Brunette

So if you like John go Brunette not Blond!

Paul: Like 'em all :D
Dot Rhone- Blond
Thelma Pickles- Brunette
Maggie McGivern- Brunette
Francie Schwartz- Brunette
Jane Asher- Red Head
Linda Eastman: Blond
Heather Mills: One-legged-bimbo-dumb-blond
Nancy Shevelle: Brunette

Any colour hair you have he'll like :)

George: Blondes and Brunettes only (sorry Ginger girls...)
Pattie Boyd: Blonde
Olivia Aries: Brunette
Maureen Cox (Yes Ringo's wife I know, but they had an affair) Brunette that went blond
Bernadette Falls: Brunette

Ringo: Brunettes with the occasional Blond
Maureen Cox: Brunette turned blond
Barbra Bach: Brunette
Geraldine McGovern: Brunette
Chris O'Dell: Blond
Nancy Andrews: Brunette
Shelly Duval: Brunette
Lynsey De Paul: Blonde

So if you want a Beatle consider dye your hair

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