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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Paulie's Gettin' Married

Ok so we all know by now, that Paul McCartney's getting married again. This time to Nancy Shevelle. She is the VP of a transportation business based in New York, but she's originally a Jersey girl. I think it's great that Paul's getting married again! He deserves some happiness after that one legged train wreck named Heather Mills. I read about this on line and there were people commenting that this marriage is going to be Heather Mills all over again, and that Nancy is just another gold digger. Well I beg to differ on that one. First off if Nancy is the VP of a company I'd say she has enough money herself. People are also saying that age is a big difference. She's 51 (even though she doesn't look it) and Paul is 68 (69 in June). That's only about 16 years people! Look at Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Is anyone bothering them? No! (And besides I'm going to marry Dhani Harrison and that's a 16 year age difference) I think Nancy and Paulie are a cute couple and they'll make it. Paul is a Handsome smart  musician and Nancy is a beautiful, successful business woman (it's also a plus that she has both legs and if she goes on dancing with the stars her legs will stay attached :P) Well I say congrats to them and I hope they're happy! (but I would have married you Paulie!)

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